How to market your writing content

As an internet writer selling your content to websites can be a challenge. Aside from word of mouth that goes a long way to establishing yourself in the industry there are other methods. For example writing interesting and unique content helps a lot. Also finding a niche area of writing is a very good idea. If you have the right client and there is not much competition for publishers to seek alternatives to your work then you are going to make money.

Marketing yourself is important. Having your own website or advertising on third-party websites helps. You can also as I mentioned before in a previous blog go directly to a jobs site and market yourself via that medium. What you should not do however is openly advertise for work on the internet. This is less likely yo achieve a positive result as employers or publishers are looking in certain areas for people like yourself. Unfortunately a google search is not how they are looking or going to find you. So think carefully about marketing yourself and if you have any questions on marketing or need help feel free to contact me.

Content Writers Forum Launched


New Writers Forum Launched

I have launched a new content writers forum. The purpose of the content writers forum is to allow like minded people to socialize and publicize their work. I have added some default topics.  to the forum to get things started.

Don’t forget to make use of the “Introduce Yourself” forum. This will allow me to see who has joined and give you a nice welcome. I shall be working on building up the forum over the next 12 months. I will assess how useful it is mid next year.

Direct link to forum 

5 Ways to Improve Your Creative Writing


What is creative writing?

Creative writing in simply terms is the ability of the writer to make things up. In other words the ability of the writer to be creative. The object of creative writing is to sustain the readers attention. You want your writing to serve a specific purpose. Online employers seek such writers for example to promote their products and services and retain readership. So here are my top 5 top tips to improve your creative writing technique.


  1. The first few lines need to get the full attention of the reader. So for example say something provoking and that you want to explain why you have said it. For example:  “The new iPhone X is doomed have you not heard why people are abandoning it? Look here at the reason why this is happening…..
  2. Think about your readership. Ask yourself basic questions such as is your audience young or old? Male or female? High income or low income. Write about subjects that will specifically interest them. For example you would not write in a article to a low income readership base: “The iPhone X is so good I bought one for my wife and one for each of my three kids. The iPhone X represents such great value for money……“. You will certainly have lost those readers being creative in this manor. You could have been more creative by saying: “The iPhone X is very expensive but I managed to get a contract plan that helped me spread the cost in a way I can afford now…...”. Low income readership will be more receptive or relate better to this.
  3. Develop your plot carefully. Consider using the three-act-structure used in films and plots i.e setup, confrontation and resolution. So in online writing you start with a provocation to grab the readers attention. Then transition into the confrontation which is the body of your text and the the resolution which is the conclusion of your article. A well structured article can engross a reader for longer.
  4. Use metaphors and similes if you are able to do so. A metaphor is a figure of speech that refers to one thing but references another for impact. For example: “I suffered a broken heart…..”. You didn’t literally have a broken heart but were using the metaphor to express you are upset. A simile is another figure of speech with a link word that compares two things.  Typically words like ‘like’ and ‘as’ are used. For example  “The car handled like a boat…..”. The car did not literally handle like a boat but you are expressing the handling was not responsive.
  5. Lastly use your imagination when writing. The better your imagination the more creative you can become. Imagination is what will set you apart from other writers. In an age where many people are able to write good articles you need a competitive advantage. Develop your imagination and you will find that your creative writing will improve dramatically.

How to improve your writing technique


Here is how to improve your writing technique geared towards online writing. Writing on the net is very different to writing in a newspaper or a journal. I have been a paid writer on the internet for over 20 years and I will give you my top 10 tips. These tips will help you improve your technique and your earning potential substantially.


  1. Get to the point in any article you write and avoid needless waffling. People need to know within the first two lines what your article is about.
  2. Practice daily picking a a random subject and learn to write 500-800 words articles in under 20 minutes.
  3. Avoid use of long or uncommon words as this can alienate readers. Aim to write for the masses in plain simple English.
  4. Learn to write short sentences. Short sentences are easier to read and for the mind to digest.
  5. Use a more conversational style of writing to engage your readership.
  6. Use of metaphors and similes can breakup long paragraphs. They also help to make an article more interesting.
  7. Try to interject your personality into an article.
  8. Know your audience and what they like to hear. i.e you shouldn’t talk about Android phones to an Apple audience.  You don’t want to talk about the virtues of combustion engine cars to a Tesla audience, and you don’t want to talk about democrats to conservatives.
  9. Avoid being repetitive in the same article. It quickly makes an article very boring.
  10. Ensure the article has smooth flows, transitions and ensure you keep the same writing style from beginning to end.

What I aim to do in further blogs is cover some of these tips in details using examples. Once you have your first writing job feel free to contact me for any help you may need.

How to manage your time as a writer


Writing can be a time consuming task if you do not manage your time wisely. If you are being paid to write articles then time is important. In order to maximize your earnings you want to write as many articles as possible and be able to submit them and be paid quickly.

Useful Tips

Here are some useful tips for writers if you are new to doing this. Firstly start as early as possible in the morning to get the work out of the way. I often set myself a target of finishing my allocated work an hour before lunchtime. That way I can go for a swim before lunch. I also make a habit of doing a bit of research the night before I am expected to write an article. I tend to want to sleep before I write an article. The reason I do this is that I give myself time to see if I still like the concept I will go with in an article after having slept on it.

Always make sure you are not working on an empty stomach and there is no distractions around like kids or other people. Wait until the kids are in Kindergarten for example before starting. Most importantly is to eat healthy as the whole idea of being a writer and working from home is you want to have more quality time for yourself and your family.

Lastly always keep a clock beside you when writing. You want to carefully calculate and note down how long each writing job you do takes. Remember time is money and if a simple writing job that costs $35 and ends up taking you 4 hours to complete then your only earning $8.75 an hour which is hardly ground breaking. Such a job you want to complete in 15 minutes. It will also help you in future to decide over which jobs are more profitable to take over other jobs. Only experience can tell you how long a job will take. Often enough the employer will only have a vague idea and may have priced the work incorrectly. Depending on the value you present and how good your work is you can provide feedback to employers over compensation.


So I hope this was not too long a post. I tried to keep it simple and easy to understand. I hope you are able to get the work you need. This will be the first in a series of blogs discussing different aspects of being an online writer. I will try and mix it up with other unrelated subjects also. So if you are still looking where to find high paying writing jobs then do consider Writing Jobs Online or any agency of your own choice.

How to get freelance writing jobs

So you are interested in entering the industry? You want to find out how to get freelance writing jobs. I will show you how to get those high paid online writing jobs.

Hopefully in this blog I can answer your question and provide nuggets of useful information that can help get you started. As a writer the first thing you have to be able to do is to connect with your audience. The better you are able to do this the more money you can earn and the more work you can get. Starting out can be difficult so here are my first tips.


  1. Develop a writing style that is both simple to the point and easy for your audience to understand.
  2. Avoid use of big words. It is neither a sign of intelligence and can quickly alienate you from certain readers.
  3. Make your writing style fun and friendly and add humor when you can.
  4. Send test articles you write to friends and family and and listen to their feedback.
  5. Be wiling to learn quickly as you can sometimes be expected to write about subjects where you are not often a subject matter expert
  6. Be conscious of time when writing as time is money.
  7. If you speak a second language such as Hindi or Mandarin you may be able to get those jobs others can’t.


Ok, so how much could I realistically earn in a month as an online writer. Typically you can get work from small companies and individuals ranging from $10 an article up to $500 an article. Work from established companies or going through a credible agency you can expect on average $50 to $200 an article. You could therefore earn from $3000 a month to $25,000+ if you are on top of your game.

It is not uncommon to be able to earn $800 a day writing articles after practice. For example several clients may ask for unique Bitcoin articles for their sites. As I know a lot about Bitcoin I can do perhaps 6-10 articles every day. If I am paid $100 per an article I can earn up to $800 a day. I can earn this while sat at home or on the beach with my laptop or in some cases just my mobile phone if you have ‘twitter fingers’. However I write only part time doing 2-3 articles every couple of days out of choice during summer months. This allows me freedom to spend more time with my family. After all ‘more money more problems’.

Finding the right jobs site

Now I cannot emphasize this enough that you must use the right agency that offers you the writing opportunities that pay well. A company that allows you to work from home and select the work you want to do. It takes some months to get going once you find the write agency. However after 3-6 months you will have a track record and your earning potential will be unlimited. So if you are interested in entering the industry then the right company to sign up with is  Writing Jobs Online.